Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What do I do with all of my boxed Mac and Cheese?!

If you are starting your first Paleo challenge - and you are anything like me - you have a ton of food in your cupboards that don't exactly match up to the standards. Don't know what exactly to eat yet while being Paleo? Well, I bet you can guess that the boxed macaroni and cheese, sugary CocoPebbles, and boxes of cake mix don't exactly equal on-point nutrition.

Well - here is my challenge to you. 

Use this next month to clean out your cupboards. There are plenty of women's shelters, after school childcare programs, homeless shelters, etc. that are in need of non-perishable goods. ACTUALLY - the majority of these places also accept perishable goods - those refrigerated pudding cups, cinnamon rolls, ice cream...you name it.

Options for Food Donations: 

Howard County Food Bank: List of items they are currently accepting

Annapolis Women's Shelter (Lighthouse): List of items they are currently accepting

Additionally, I encourage you to experiment this month. Try to buy JUST meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Although the Paleo challenge doesn't start until June 1st, you can try it out as best as you can now to see where your biggest hurdle is going to be. Mine was and always will be chocolate...

My next post will focus on tricks and gimmicks in the supermarket and no-nos during the Paleo Challenge. Look for this post on Thursday evening.