About Me

I narrowed down my existence to four words: teaching, CrossFit, nutrition, and fashion. Here is my attempt to explain:

The Wonderful English Department
High School English. I know exactly what the "You poor girl" facial expression looks like which usually comes after the question, "What do you teach?" All I can say is that I wake up every morning excited to go to work. My students are quirky, witty, lazy, artistic, imaginative, hardworking (yes, some are!)...and just down right hilarious. English class should be rigorous...and fun. My goal is to accomplish both.

My students also know that I have an alter ego. Some explain to their parents that I am a body builder; others just say that I have "really big muscles." The truth is that I am a CrossFit coach and athlete. CrossFit became a part of my life back in October 2010, and my passion for it keeps growing and growing. Now, I get to workout AND share my knowledge and love for CrossFit. What could be better?
December 2008
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June 2011

I was CrossFitt-ing for about six months without changing my diet. It wasn't until I went full-blown Paleo that I started becoming the athlete that I am today. Am I 100% 100% of the time? Absolutely not. But, I know that I wouldn't be able to finish Fran in 3:32, snatch 120, or fit in my jeans without it!

Speaking of jeans --  I feel comfortable in my own body. I love admitting that! I enjoy toying around with fashion - and now that I can actually walk in a store and look relatively decent in most of the clothing, I think, "Why the Hell not?" 

I know that I haven't brought up my fiancé. I needed to explain everything first before mentioning that without him, very little of the above would have been or would be possible, including my overall happiness. 

You can contact me at at this e-mail address or post a message on any blog post.